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Website Support

So you have your perfect website up and running and you’ve socialized the site but what about the ongoing support? the management, updates, and emergencies which need responding to? We offer a complete solution and this includes full aftercare for any of our services. Some examples of what we can offer your business can be seen below so you can stay polished and clean.

Other Support

Whilst we specialise in helping your company get online and spread your online wings, we can also offer a range of support services from replacing a laptop keyboard, to virus removal, office networks etc. We are fully qualified, experienced technicians and able to help your needs whatever the requirements, please just ask as we can be your one port of call for all IT needs.

Account Management

Account Management

You will have a single person to manage your account and we promise that this will only ever be changed as an absolute last resort. This means that over time working together they will get to know you, your business and how you operate thus providing a completely personal and fully customised solution. This is the level of personalisation that the bigger design houses really struggle with!

Maintenance, Updates & Security Patches

Maintenance & Updates

As time goes on many aspects of the internet will change including the software and systems in place that run your website, it is essential to keep your website platforms and software maintained and fully up to date. It’s also worth remembering that the software on your desktops, laptops and mobiles also needs looking after. We can help with all of these activities, whether its updating WordPress for your website or Windows / Office on your desktop/laptop

Hacking, Virus & Malware Recovery & Protection

Hacking, Viruses and Malware

Websites are liable to be hacked, computers prone to viruses and malware, the list goes on and the longer you are down or offline the more your business will suffer. Whether this is financial loss or reputation loss it all adds up and can cause considerable strain. We can offer full services for removal and recovery from any of these scenarios.

IT Training Solutions


Whatever your goals, whatever your aims we can help you get there. Whether you want to handle the social media updates yourself, run your own blog or just want to know how to use the e-mail marketing system we can offer you full training, whether in small groups or a one2one environment.

Backup & DR Solutions

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Research shows that the vast majority of small businesses who suffer data loss or enter a disaster recovery scenario go out of business within months of the problem. We can help you plan for such an event including full off site data backup solutions and various options for routing phone calls, e-mails etc. What’s more, if the worst was ever to happen, we will be there right by your side to get you back up and running so you won’t have to worry about the IT.

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