Relax, we offer a fully load balanced, SSD, UK based cloud hosting solution to keep you online

SSD Cloud Hosting

Crazy Fast SSD Hosting in the Cloud

Small business, self employed or personal? We have the perfect premium plan for you

You’ve got the perfect website, but do you have the perfect hosting to place it online? Our hosting plans are designed to offer premium features without all the fluff you don’t need. No nonsense hosting, kept simple on our incredibly fast, reliable cloud hosting network.

Don’t settle for any hosting, give your website the UK based, fully load balanced, ultra fast SSD hosting that it deserves right from the start.

It’s simple, pick your platform and off you go! There’s no complicated packages to pick or calculations of how much space or bandwidth to make, just pick Linux, Windows or WordPress and begin!

Are you ready to switch to ultra fast, ultra reliable, premium UK hosting?

No More Mr Slow Coach

Fully Autoscaling Platform

The technology we have in place will ensure that whether you have 1 visitor to your website or 10,000 visitors they will all experience the same blistering fast loading times regardless of how busy your site may be.

Unlike conventional hosting, your website is not stored on 1, 2 or even 4 servers. Instead, it is distributed across so many servers we cannot count them all and as demand increases for your site, so does the resources available.

This is true cloud hosting at it’s best, did we mention, it’s lightning fast?

Autoscaling Hosting
Fully Load Balanced

Always Available, Always On

The Ultimate In Load Balancing

Despite common belief, not all load balancing is the same. Our servers are designed to not only balance the work load across the available resources but they also act as a complete failsafe.

Not only do we monitor traffic and resources and balance across our entire network, we also respond to any hardware failures and act accordingly to ensure not a single customer notices! Smart!

Is it worth mentioning that we only use the best in server hardware? our Dell servers are running Dual Octa Core Xeon E5 processors and a massive 64gb of memory to ensure theres ample power.

Afterall, being always available is the number 1 aspect of being online.

SSD Means Speed!

Only The Best Storage

To ensure optimum response times for our hosting we only use the best in SSD storage hardware, you won’t find any conventional drives in our network. SSD’s allow us to provide the quickest, most efficient systems around.

Every part of our network is 100% SSD, only the best for our customers.

Ultra Fast SSD Storage
Keeping Hosting Simple

Keeping It Simple

Why Over Complicate Hosting?

We’ve found that many hosts have so many packages it becomes complex to understand exactly what you need. It can also make life difficult when you outgrow your current package or need to move on.

We’ve kept things simple, all we ask is that you choose the right platform and the rest is handled for you. Simply pick between Linux, Windows or WordPress and we will provide the rest.

Super easy eh!

Let’s take a closer look at the platform and premium features included

It’s simple, just select your platform and you are all set

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