Now your awesome website is built and looking beautiful, you need people to see it.

Show off your gorgeous site to the internet.

Having a beautiful website is just the first step, in order to really succeed you need to be social and drive traffic to your site. Whether this comes via Social Media or various forms of traffic promotion we have experience in the field to be able to help.

Historically this would have been deemed promotion, marketing or advertising but in today’s modern world this covers much more. We are passionate about the online world and can use our enthusiasm and experience to help your website succeed. We are social media experts.

Doesn’t this get expensive?

With Social Media taking such a considerable role in the online world you can play the game how you wish to. There are a variety of ways you can socialize from free to paid for, so shout out!

The key to success is to establish your goals and produce a strategy in order to achieve these. This is where our experience can help. By piecing together the various free and paid for systems we can help you produce customized plan to be social. Together we can make your online presence awesome!

Just some of the cool tricks we can use to stand out


One of the traditional methods of advertising whereby you pay each time a user interacts with your advert, often referred to as PPC (pay per click) or PPM (pay per mile).  I am able to plan, manage and advise on the best strategy for your business.

Performance  Ads

This is any form of advertising where the results can be monitored, there are many systems in place where you monitor click through ratios, sales, leads etc using landing pages to monitor the results gained and adjust as needed.

Mobile & Tablet

Whether you want your adverts to appear on mobile displays, or you want your own app for ordering I can help design, develop and manage the process for you. The big advantage with mobile advertising is knowing the users location!


Considered to be one of the most effective advertising solutions on the internet at the moment but it requires a careful balance of advertising and quality content for the viewer. A powerful tool when used correctly.


It’s all well and good throwing out adverts, videos and various promotions but its important to keep an eye on data and understand what this all means. I have years of experience of managing this data and converting it to real world uses.


There are a variety of tools that manage your adverts, budgets and platforms that are in place. With the right combination of paid advertising its possible to achieve fantastic results and using the right tool to manage this makes life easy.

And heres some of the social media platforms we are experts at

Facebook Social Media Experts


We can help your brand get known on Facebook by creating you a page, branding the page to match your company’s brand and managing an effective marketing strategy. There are many aspects to Facebook and it can be a powerful effective marketing & customer relation tool for your business.

Google Plus Social Media Experts

Google+ & Google Local Places

Whilst Google+ is nowhere near as used as Facebook it does have a huge footprint and impact on search engine results. We can help you get your website and social media listed on the Google+ platform and also registered to Google Places so that detailed information is returned to customers when they search for you, an essential tool.

Twitter Social Media Experts


Think of Twitter as a way of staying in touch with your clients in a short, to the point messages, the Twitter platform is an ideal tool to answer quick questions, stay in touch with your industry and spread your brand around. There are so many empty minutes in a day which can be filled with Twitter and we can show you how this will work for your business.

Youtube Social Media Experts


Videos are by far the most powerful form of marketing online, a video will virtually always get a better response from clients and thus having a YouTube account can work wonders for your brand. Whether you look at product demonstrations, speeches or even just promo videos they will all help you to boost sales. We can help, advise and create YouTube channels and videos for your business.

LinkedIn Social Media Experts


It’s important to engage in B2B relationships and LinkedIn will allow you to do this, not only will other businesses will be able to find your services and your expertese but you can also use LinkedIn to form relationships, find related businesses and network amongst others. We can help setup, configure, brand and manage your companies LinkedIn

Pintrest Social Media Experts


We can help you configure, brand and manage your boards on Pintrest, this is a great platform for showcasing your products or services by displaying images in organised boards.

WordPress Social Media Experts


The vast majority of work we do is on the WordPress CMS platform, this enables quick editing of your website and its data by both yourself and me. We have years of experience ensuring that the WordPress sites we use are fully optimised for Social media including social integration, sharing buttons and search engine fine tuning.

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