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Affordable web design and social media for your business

With over 15 years experience in the web design industry creating and marketing business websites we are in a great position to pass our expertise on. Using our knowledge (and a lot of coffee) we build beautiful websites that showcase your business and allow you to stand out from the crowd. Every website crafted by us (with love, magic and wizardry in our lair near Hastings) will use the latest technology, be beautifully designed, fully responsive and packed with features.

Website Design

Web Design

 Professional, beautiful websites that give your business the attention it deserves. Read more

Website Management

Website Management

It’s great to have your nice shiny website but it needs managing, that’s where we come in

Social Media Management

Social Media

You have a beautiful website, show it to the world with branded social media accounts. Read More

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Show off to the world with decent search engine rankings and managed pay per click adverts.

Ecommerce Design

Ecommerce Design

Got lots to sell? we can create and integrate a full online shop with links to payment and couriers! easy.

Mobile Friendly & Responsive Design

Responsive Designs

All of work is fully responsive so it works on pretty much any device from desktop to phone!

Website & Social Media Support

Friendly Support

We are always here for help. Multiple means of contact for all customers so your never alone.

Content Management Systems

Content Management

We are WordPress professionals, a content management system so you too can have some involvement


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So where are you based? Battle? Hastings?

Social Saxon works from a home office in a small town called Battle which is near a bigger town called Hastings in East Sussex… We use the Hastings location as its bigger, on our doorstep and to be honest other than the Abbey, a few tourist attractions and that little scuffle (something to do with 1066 The Battle of Hastings?), Battle isn’t really known for its web development or technology! We’ve tried to keep something from Battle alive within the company name, but due to being too busy developing amazing websites we chose the Saxons whom, unfortunately, were the loosing side! 

Take a look at some of the web design, social media and seo we have blogged about

The best ways to speed up your WordPress site

A common question we get asked a lot is how to make a website load fast, afterall one of the biggest factors modern SEO companies constantly talk about is having blisteringly fast loading speeds to improve the user experience, ensure the site remains mobile friendly...

WordPress 4.9 – The best 3 new features in this major release!

So, we recently say the major update for WordPress known as 4.9 hit the main update channels. Here at Social Saxon we have been using this release for a fair few weeks as part of our test bed servers and suitable impressed. We know that the new v5 isn't going to be...

Top 10 WordPress mistakes to avoid meltdown

If you have ever run a WordPress site before in the past then you may be aware of just how easy it is to get in a muddle, have a meltdown or run head on into some pretty nasty show stopping problems. Fortunately there are some tips and tricks you can follow which will...

Royalty free stock images for your website & blog

When creating a website, social media account or any promotional material finding the right images to use can often be a sticky subject, made worse with the reams of copyright law out there. As we know, a users experience on a site, or whilst reading a blog post or...

Are you SSL ready? Google expects you to be!

Google has recently announced plans to give priority to SSL driven websites, regardless of whether you sell items or not. So how is this going to effect you? what can you do to be ahead of the game? and what is SSL anyway, I thought that was just for ecommerce? In...

Clever methods to increasing your SEO potential

Lets be clever making the right tweaks and gaining the right backlinks for your site. For many search engines 'backlinks' are the holy grail of achieving a high ranking and is often one of the top areas targeted by any SEO optimising project. People spend a lot of...

Facebook OpenGraph in WordPress

Introduction to configuring OpenGraph Generally speaking, Facebook is pretty smart and efficient at choosing the right image when you link to a website from within their system e.g. as a post within a group or on your timeline. However, sometimes it struggles and the...

How to protect your website from hacking

Why should I protect my website? What if one day you woke up to find your website had gone and your e-mail account had been hijacked! It's a scary thought, especially for many small companies and tradesmen who rely on their websites to generate income.There are so...

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