We design beautiful websites, bundle them with social media and fully manage the process

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Hastings Web Design, Hosting, SEO & Social Media

With 15+ years experience in web design, creating and marketing business websites we are in a great position to pass our expertise on. Using our knowledge (and a lot of coffee) we design and build beautiful websites that showcase your business and allow you to stand out from the crowd. 

Every website crafted by us (with love, magic and wizardry in our Battle lair near Hastings) will use the latest technology, be beautifully designed and fully responsive. Our website designs will come complete with a range of features, we are specialists in wordpress design for small business owners. We cover full design and development, seo, wordpress training and marketing strategy help when required.

Our company goal is simple, to provide a personalised, cost effective solution to get small businesses and tradesmen online and social. 

A quick overview of the website design, hosting, seo and social media services we offer

Hastings Web Design


Whether you are looking for a one page special, a small tradesman, small business website or a full ecommerce shop we are in a position to help. Our hastings web designs are fully bespoke, use the latest technology, mobile friendly & responsive with onpage SEO in place.

Our prices start at just £100 for a microsite or £200 for 5 page small site. We also offer a £20 pay monthly service for those who require the full package without the upfront payment.

SSD Cloud Hosting


Hosting is quite possibly the single most important element of your site once it has been designed. In order to keep guests happy, ensure loading times meet search engine optimums and keep up time as high as possible. Its important to have the right hosting solution.

We employ a 100% cloud based hosting service using the latest load balancing techniques. We run SSD storage and the latest technology to ensure quick, reliable and feature packed hosting.

SEO & Social Media Management


Many people underestimate the power of SEO and Social Media. Having a website up and running is no longer a nice to have, it’s an essential. However it doesn’t stop there as there is a race to reach page 1 of Google and to reach as many followers as possible on Social Media.

Whether you are looking for some on page SEO, a revamp of an old site, a full Social Media overhall or a complete marketing strategy we can assist. Prices for this are fully bespoke so please get in touch, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Website & Social Media Support


During the life of your online experience there will be times you need help or assistance. We aim to offer a complete one stop solution and can offer your business a range of support services to suit your needs using a price structure to suit you.

Whether you need extra pages or features on your website, some search engine optimisation, cloud backup advise, anti virus solutions or full management for your IT solutions, we can assist.

SAXONS KISS - Pay Monthly Web Design 


You know you need a website or a redesign but don't fancy an initial outlay?

Check out our pay as you go monthly option

Pay monthly hastings web design
  • Full 5 page custom design (inc contact form & gallery)
  • Domain name configuration (£10 a year per domain)
  • Hosted on very fast SSD Cloud servers
  • Fully managed backups, updates and security
  • Optimised for on-site SEO
  • Personalised 5* support
  • Unlimited minor updates to text/images
  • Personalised email accounts (unlimited)
  • SSL Certificate (Your site will have the secured padlock)
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console setup

Only £20 per month!

Battle East Sussex

So where are we based? Battle? Hastings?

Social Saxon works from a home office in a small town called Battle which is near a bigger town called Hastings in East Sussex… We use the Hastings location as its bigger, on our doorstep. To be honest other than the Abbey, a few tourist attractions and that little scuffle (something to do with 1066 The Battle of Hastings?), Battle isn’t really known for its web development or technology! We’ve tried to keep something from Battle alive within the company name, but due to being too busy developing amazing websites we chose the Saxons whom, unfortunately, were the losing side! 

Take a look at some of the website design, social media and seo we have blogged about

We are passionate about the industry we work in and often blog about our experiences! Some may say this gives away our secrets but we believe it allows us to be transparent about what we do and what your money is actually paying for. Afterall your time is better spent doing what you do best.

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Let your business have a website it deserves at a price you deserve

We have a range of pricing models, hastings web design starting at just £100 for one page or how about our 5 page pay monthly option at just £20 per month! 

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